Bow Wow Has Meltdown on Twitter

Published on July 31, 2018

As many may know Bow Wow is the ringleader of internet controversy from his infamous #BowWowChallenge to now his recent incident in an Arizona nightclub concerning fans recording in his VIP section, he’s all the way turnt up. The ‘P*ssy Talk’ rapper spazzed out in the comment section after a few females addressed the situation of them being put out of his section. Going to the lengths of him not being ‘big time.’

Real name Shad Moss would open the flood gates as he addressed how he really was feeling on Twitter.

Shortly after, Moss deleted the tweets and tried to put out into the atmosphere that he may need to see a therapist and is considering downsize his luxuries and go work at a local GameStop. Fans had a field day with this one. However, before exiting he made sure to stunt on the haters one last time stating he was quitting Hip-Hop and giving away all his money.

Many speculate that this is just hype for the upcoming SoSoDef tour, but what do you think?! Let us know!!

Source: Twitter

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