Lawsuit Lauryn!! Lauryn Is Headed to Court… AGAIN!!

Published on July 31, 2018

Looks like Lauryn Hill is coming to collect her debt with a family member as she filed suit last month in New Jersey. Having numerous financial problems in her past, it seems that the ‘Ex-Factor’ singer has finally learned her way around the justice system.

It is being reported by Bossip that Hill loaned a family member money and she’s coming to collect the coins like Mario.

Hill is suing her cousin Gerald Hill for breach of contract after she gave him a $65k loan that he to this date hasn’t tried to pay back. Her complaint states that Hill signed a contract agreeing to either pay her back over a 3-month period with no interest, or could opt to pay 10 percent interest after three months. Though now it looks like Lauryn’s “loan” seems to have been a “gift” in his eyes.

“Under the terms of their contract, if Gerald Hill defaulted, Lauryn Hill could force him to pay the entire amount, plus her lawyer’s fees and other costs if she had to sue to get the money back,” Bossip reports.

Well it’s good to see that Lauryn Hill is on top of it when it comes to getting her money… Now if we only could get her to be on stage on time we’d all be happy.

How are you feeling about Lauryn suing for her loan?! Let us know!!


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